Missouri Veterans Commission
205 Jefferson St., P.O. Drawer 147
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0147
Telephone: (573) 751-3779
Fax: (573) 751-6836

Missouri Veterans’ Home – St. Louis
Rolando Carter ext. 233

Liza Pequeno ext. 234
(Assistant Administrator)

Dr. Imdad ext. 437
(Medical Director)

Shelley Andrews ext. 213
(Director of Nursing)

Buffy Huffman ext. 251
(Guest Services Director)

Social Services
Jennifer Roach ext. 287
(Director of Social Services/A-200)

Buffy Huffman ext. 248
(Social Services B200-300)

Kathleen McAleenan ext. 406
(Social Services B400- 500)

Marlow Price ext. 249
(Social Worker C-100)

Catherine Taylor ext. 290
(Social Worker A-100)

Nursing Supervisors
(314) 575-8446 or (314) 575-8430
Direct Unit Extensions
A100 ext. 252
A200 ext. 254
C100 ext. 255
C200 ext. 257
Victory Lane (B200) ext. 421
Honor Avenue (B300) ext. 431
Liberty Lane (B400) ext. 441
Freedoms Way (B500) ext. 451

Veterans’ Clinics
VA Clinic North (314) 286-6988

Veterans’ Service Officers
Doug Meyer ext. 426
(Director of Veteran Services)

Management Team
David Slover ext. 224
(Personnel Manager)

Tiffany Taylor ext. 209

Megan Martinez ext. 244
(Recreation Director)

Jaqueta Seawood ext. 292
(Supervisor of Rehab)

Carlos Brown-Lawson ext. 449
(Director of Dietary)

Jewell Travillion ext. 436
(Director of Environmental & Laundry Services)

Cathy Pauley ext. 235
(Director of Accounting)

Cindy Beard ext. 439
(Health Information Manager)

Tim McDonell ext. 260
(Director of Plant Operations)

Sherry Lang ext. 414
(Staff Development Coordinator)

Phyllis Cunningham ext. 247
(Director of Purchasing)

Paul Harrell ext. 455
(Computer Specialist)

LaShonda Thomas ext. 239
(Director of Volunteer Service)

Bill Matthews ext. 289
(Career Training Center Counselor)